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Special Events


Blood Drive

You are invited to serve the community of Oshkosh by giving blood. The Community Blood Center Bus will be on the grounds to take blood donations. Come sign up, and give the gift of life. Donors age 16 can give blood with the written consent of the their parents and donors age 17 and older can give by self-consent.

Who May Attend: Ages 16 and up.

Schedule: TBD

More information available soon.


BMX Demo 

BMX stunt show group offering high energy and choreographed BMX performances that are sure to keep your attention. It is an educational experience promoting bike safety along with some of the biggest tricks in the sport. 

More information available soon.

Cannon Ministry

Jim Litchfield and his team, "God's Cannon Crew," help make flag raising and lowering come alive with a mighty BOOM! Listen for yourself as three cannons fire at the same time every morning and every evening (7:00 AM and 7:00 PM). Cannons are are in 3 different locations around the Camporee grounds (near the West Shower House). Cannons are also fired at the beginning of each daily parade.

Come see these mighty little cannons for yourself and feel the sound wave as they boom to life each morning and evening.

Daily On-site Parade 

Imagine thousands of Pathfinders standing at attention in one grand assembly facing the grand stage. You are standing with your club, which is with your conference, which is with your union of Pathfinders.

You feel so proud to be marching with your club. Up ahead you hear drum corps groups beating out the marching time. Hundreds of people are cheering for you on either side of the street. This is fantastic! You pass by the Review Stage and your director gives the command and you salute the officials as you march by. Boy, this is so special. You will remember this for the rest of your life.

More information available soon.

Schedule: Wednesday - Sabbath, 2:40 – 4:30 PM

Location: Young Eagles Tarmac


Flag Ceremony 

Come and watch the raising and lowering of nine giant flags that stand guardian to the Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee. Beginning Tuesday evening and ending Saturday night, there will be nine flag raising and lowering events at 7:00am and 7:00pm respectively.

  • Nine unions of the North American Division will raise and lower these flags.
  • Each flag needs eight people to help put it up and take it down. 72 Pathfinder will be needed for each raising and lowering.
  • Practice begins promptly at: 6:30am for raising the flags or 6:30pm for lowering the flags.

View Schedule

Friesian Horse Show & Demo

Watch special Friesian show horses preform amazing moves.

More information available soon.

5K Fun Run

More information available soon.

Schedule: TBD

Motocross Demo

More information available soon.

NASA Display

More information available soon.


Young Eagles

Experience flight at the Camporee! There's no better way to see the Camporee grounds than from above. Flights last 15 minutes. Pre-registration and parental consent is required.

For safety reasons, flights may be cancelled and not rescheduled in the event of poor weather conditions (rain, low clouds, poor visibility and or high winds).

Schedule: TBD

More information available soon.

Vintage Car Show

Join the Adventist Rodders Club (ARC) and other car enthusiast for a special Vintage Car Show. Vintage cars will be on display and you can take a stroll down memory lane to find your favorites. ARC has supported International Camporees since the 1994 Dare to Care Colorado Camporee.

Schedule: TBD

Location: TBD

World Record Attempts

There will be many opportunities to set World Records at the 2019 Camporee. Here are some possible ideas we are looking into now. Stay tuned and check back often for a complete approved list.

  • Pulling a Locomotive Engine -  (Large number of Pathfinders pulling locomotive engine with ropes.)
  • Largest Human Cross - (Largest number of Pathfinders in Class A uniform, lined up in a human cross.)
  • Largest Club Scarf - (Largest Pathfinder scarf with insignia & slide.)
  • Jumping for One Minute - (Largest number of Pathfinders jumping up and down for one minute.)
  • Giant Leap - (Largest number of Pathfinders jumping in one giant leap at one time.)
  • Largest Piggy Back Race
  • Fastest Time to Erect a Four Man Tent

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