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Prayer was so important to David.  He spent much time in prayer talking to God about his fears, challenges, mistakes, and for God's guidance.

At the Chosen Camporee, we want prayer to be a cornerstone for all that happens here.  Friendships nurtured, growth opportunities encountered, knowledge acquired, requests on our hearts, and spiritual decisions made will only be enhanced if they are bathed in prayer.

To help make prayer a focal point for our Camporee, here are some of the opportunities that will be available to our Pathfinders.

David's Palaces of Prayer & Praise

What Pathfinders Can Experience

  • Located next the Medical Building and in the Daytime Activity area near the large hangars, David’s Palaces of Prayer & Praise will be a place where you will be able to talk to and pray with a chaplain about anything the Lord has put on your heart.
  • Receive information, register for, and prepare for Baptism.
  • Be offered anointing for the call to serve, leadership, or special need.
  • Find spiritual literature for your encouragement.
  • A place you can come personally or as a club to openly pray to your Father in Heaven about anything on your heart.
  • Write requests and praises on our Camporee prayer scroll.
  • Encourage someone who needs a friend.
  • Recite a minimum of 30 plus verses from the book of Psalms on David’s Palaces of Prayer & Praise stage.
  • Perform your original scripture song (melody notes & lyrics) with David’s Singers on the David’s Palaces of Prayer & Praise stage.

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  • Have a personal prayer with three people you don’t know during the Camporee.
  • Recite a minimum of 30 plus verses from the book of Psalms.
  • Compose an original scripture song (melody notes & lyrics).  The best songs will be selected and performed at the Main Stage during the evening program.

International Prayer Time Each Evening

  • At this time, we will have a chance to pray corporately all together at once.
  • The prayers will be offered in several languages reflecting the international richness of our Camporee.
  • The prayer scrolls from David’s Palaces of Prayer & Praise will be brought on stage each night and prayed over.

Our desire is for prayer to be a spiritual priority in all our lives.  Let’s pray together, as never before, for God to move on hearts of His people.

Contact the Prayer Tent Coordinator for more information.

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