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Forms & Documents


School Absence Letter

Your Pathfinder may need a letter to their school asking for an excused absence so they can attend the Camporee. We have provided a Camporee letter for you.

Editable Microsoft Word document:

Forms & Documents

Below you will find all the forms necessary for participation in various events at the 2019 Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee. Please fill out the necessary forms and submit them to the appropriate Camporee personnel.

Adult Staff Recognition Form

Appearance Release Form - Only for those participating on the Main Stage for nighttime programming

Baptism Form

Camporee Ticket Resale Guidelines

CIC Advertising Contract

Compassion Ministry Projects Registration Form

Drill Team Rules & Information

Drill Team Registration Form

Drum Corps Rules & Information

Drum Corps Registration Form

Drone Pilot Application Form

Exhibitors & Retail Sales Brochure

Exhibitors & Retail Sales Contract - Exhibitor & Retail Sales booths have SOLD OUT

Exhibitors & Retail Sales Contract Terms

Food Pre-Order Form (Kellogg Company - MorningStar Farms, Worthington, Loma Linda)

Food and Beverage Concession Application Form CLOSED - No more slots are available

Food Vendor Concession Responsibilities & Rights Agreement

Golf Tournament Application Form

Hangar C Exhibitor Contract Form

Honors, Activities and Special Interests Form - Fill out this form if you want to teach an honor, have an activity, or a special interest booth.

Investiture Registration Form - Fill out this form to be invested as a Master Guide at the Camporee.

On-site Activities & Honors "What to Expect" PDF - What you need to know before signing up to teach an honor, activity, or special interest.

Prayer Tent Anointing Registration Form

Project Chosen Registration Form

Soccer Tournament Registration Form - Sign up to participate in the Soccer tournament

Special Needs PDF - See what services are provided for those with special needs

TLT Volunteer Application Form - TLTs can volunteer for the Camporee

Marketing Materials

View promotional materials

Please contact web support if the document you need is not listed.

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