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International Guests

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Consult this web page as you plan your 2019 Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee experience. Essential information will be regularly updated here. We look forward to seeing you in 2019!

There are 3,200 international tickets total, including adults and children. Individuals may register as well as groups. Tickets sold to North American clubs are not to be resold to international guests. Tickets are the same price for international and national guests. All registrations are completed on-line.

Information Before You Register

  • Approval from the youth director is required, along with payment, to complete your registration.  Contact your region's Adventist church youth director before registering. Request an email sent to Registration Coordinator, listing the names approved by your youth director to attend the 2019 International Camporee.  
  • Registration is best done by ONE person for all members within a group. This is another good reason to work with your local youth leader. They may have important travel information, be arranging group travel discounts, or know of other individuals who would like to travel with you. 
  • Because of heightened security, we DO NOT provide letters of invitation or assist in visa applications in any way. You may attach a copy of your registration confirmation to any visa application in place of a letter of invitation. Please fill in this information on the visa application:

1. For contact name, enter the event name: International Pathfinder Camporee (DO NOT enter any person’s name.)
2. For address, enter the site physical address: 3000 Poberenzy Road Oshkosh, WI 54902
3. For email, enter

  • Registration fees are non-refundable for any reason other than visa denial. Your registration fees can only be refunded when we receive USA Embassy or Consular office original documentation proving your visa was denied.
    • Be sure to ask for official documentation, including your name, if a visa is denied.
    • Mail the original documentation to Camporee Refunds, 4145 E Campus Circle Dr, S103, Berrien Springs, MI 49104-1570, USA, by August 30, 2019. 
    • Refunds will be made by December 30, 2019.  Refund monies, if approved, will be credited the way it was paid to the original Payor.  No cash will be exchanged/returned.

Payment Methods

There are three ways to pay for international tickets. Credit card and wire are preferred.  


  • Use the credit card payment link within the Camporee registration process.
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted.
  • Debit cards can be used as credit, but not with PIN.

Follow the steps: Simple Wire Instructions or Detailed Wire Instructions

  • After completing the steps on the Flywire Site, print out the resulting instructions.  Take these to your bank to send the wire.
  • Type CAMPOREE as the department receiving the money.
  • Please send the fee in your country’s currency; international wires in US $$ cost Camporee $10.
  • Your bank will charge you a fee to send the wire. 
  • You can track the wire on-line. Use contact information in the instructions if you need help.


  • Arrange payment to your field, conference, or union office.
  • Clearly write ANDREWS UNIVERSITY CYE-CAMPOREE as the recipient.  The funds must be transferred through the GC to Andrews University.
  • Also include the names of all attendees you are paying for and the ticket ID number.

Email your payment confirmation. Once the funds are received, the Registration Coordinator will process your tickets, and email confirmation of issue and instructions on when and how to access your tickets.

Payment questions? Call Registration Coordinator at +011.269.471.8380 or email

How Hosting Works

A Host Club is a North American Division Pathfinder Club that commits and is approved to provide food and tents, at no cost, for a group of international guests from Tuesday evening supper, August 13, 2019, through Sunday morning breakfast, August 18, 2019.

International guests who choose to be hosted by a North American Division club or conference will be responsible for their own bedding, towels, soap, clothing, and other personal items. The NAD hosting club will provide food, tents, and camping space. International guests are also responsible for all travel expenses to and from Camporee, visas, and any shopping or other travel while in the USA.  

Hosts will supply tents and food, at no cost, at their campsite from Tuesday evening supper through Sunday morning breakfast. Hosted guests will camp with their host group, within the North American Division area, organized by conferences within unions. Once we have introduced you to your host via email, we encourage you to clarify expectations and prepare to help each other make the Camporee a life shaping experience for each member.

Learn more:

Communicating with WhatsApp

Outside the United States, WhatsApp is widely used to communicate for free with wireless internet connection. As the US phone system differs from the rest of the world, international guests aren’t able to easily purchase a sim card on arrival in the US, as in other countries.  The good news is you can manage with free wifi in airports and hotels, and in some areas at Camporee.

Learn more

Travel Information

It is your responsibility to make travel arrangements to get to the International Camporee. We provide you with travel resources to aid in booking the method of travel that works best for you. Clubs may find it useful to book through a travel agent to find the best available options.

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Independent Campers

International guests who choose not to be hosted will be responsible for all food and cooking supplies, as well as accommodation needs (Tent, RV/Trailer or Other Shelter).  All international guests are responsible for their own travel arrangements and expenses before and after Camporee, as well as bedding and personal items for use at Camporee.

Non-hosted guests may request space to camp in the International Village. Clearly indicate the number of people in your group when you register and keep the International Coordinator informed of changes to ensure your group is assigned appropriate space.

Learn more: International Village Camping Information

On Arrival at Camporee

Please arrive through the West or main entrance. International guest ushers will escort you to your host campsite or the International Village.  Please wait at the gate to be ushered first to your camp area, and then go to the registration office.

  1. If you arrive between midnight and 6:00am, space will be available in a large tent in the International Village to sleep so as not to disturb sleeping host clubs.
  2. If you arrive before your host, you are responsible for your own accommodation and meals until they arrive, so be sure to discuss arrival times and plan accordingly.  Hosts provide accommodation and meals through breakfast Sunday, August 18.

International Village Activities

CULTURAL EXPERIENCE: Volunteer to share cultural activities from your country, or come experience and enjoy activities from other countries. View the schedule, learn how to sign up, what activities to prepare and more

WORLD DIVISION REPORTS: Join in prayer and praise as you learn from the adventures of youth in other world regions. Be inspired seeing God working through youth people like you. Make new friends. Expand your horizons!

STAFF TRAINING: The North American Division Pathfinder Ministry team offers leadership training contextualized to NAD settings. International guests are welcome to attend one or more sessions to expand their regional training, but should be aware that this training may not fulfill requirements in their Division. They are providing the full Basic Staff Training Certification workshop list and the eight New Skills seminars in the proposed NAD Master Guide Curriculum currently being evaluated. Course numbers are listed for the BST, but have not yet been assigned to the MG workshops.

View the 2019 CIC NAD Pathfinder Leadership Training Schedule

General Information

Visit the general information page to learn about the leader orientation, international pathfinder prayer, health & hygiene guidelines for campers, translation, trading pins, uniforms, the daily on-site parade, flag lowering and raising ceremonies,and other Camporee information to help international guests best enjoy all the fun and faith-building activities at Camporee.

Who can volunteer at the Camporee?

Only those living in the North America Division can serve as volunteers at the Camporee.

Exhibitor/Retail Sales/Food Concession Information

Visit the Exhibitor & Retail Sale Vendors pages to learn more about obtaining a free booth in Hangar A, to sell retail items, display exhibits, and much more. Contact Wanda Poole Ferguson by email or call 1-269-876-7055 USA

Visit the Food Concessions & Vendors pages to learn how you can have a food stand and sell food at the Camporee.

Questions? Suggestions?

Feel free to email Glynis Bradfield, International Guest Coordinator, or Néstor Osmán, Associate International Guest Coordinator, after reviewing all information available on the Camporee web pages, including all past issues of the monthly newsletters.

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