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Fundraising Kits



Manna Mix Pathfinder Fundraising Campaign 

Are you looking for a simple way to raise funds for your club between now and Camporee? Manna Mix Pathfinder Fundraising Campaign is the fundraiser that keeps on giving! Created by Adventist youth for Adventist youth, Miracle and Might Manna products will benefit the health of your families all the while generating income for your club - EVERY MONTH!

Visit the info page at or email Manna Mix today at or call (802) 277-0447 for more details.

Samples are also available of this "WOW" trail mix because we want you to taste the goodness for yourself! Call us now for your free sample! 

*These ideas and tips are given to assist clubs in fundraising and in no way guarantee success for your fundraising event. The Center for Youth Evangelism takes no responsibility for the success or failure of your fundraising events & results, or endorses any product or organization, but we always love to hear about what is working for you!

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