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Camporee PointsMap

Find What You Need More Easily

PointsMap is a new tool we are using to provide a custom map of the Camporee grounds which can be accessed via the Internet using your computer, tablet, or cell phone. It interfaces with Google Maps to provide precise GPS locations of streets, buildings, and other on-site resources. By using PointsMap you will find what you need more quickly.

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How to Use PointsMap

Our FFIC Camporee PointsMap will show you a list of categories on the left side of the map.  Click on a category to see more information listed under that category.  Each category has a sub category where a specific name of a Point is listed.  By clicking on that point, it will be displayed on the map.  Click the point on the map, and more information will be listed about that point on the left side of the map.

Why You Should Use PointsMap

We are able to show you where shower houses/restrooms are located on the Camporee grounds, where Offsite Activities are located and a description about the activity, where the Food Concessions are located, what Retail Exhibitors will be coming and what they will be offering, as well as where to park, and a host of other specific information that will helpful to you as you plan your time at the Camporee.  We are daily updating this map and will have all the honors and activities listed as we get closer to the Camporee.  This tool can help you plan for the Camporee now as you become familiar with the Camporee grounds now.  Please let all your Pathfinder Leaders know about this amazing tool because it will help them plan their Camporee experience for their clubs.

We will also have a printed map of the Camporee available when you arrive.









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