Meet Gillette - Gillette College (Part 2)

Pastor Ron talks with Mark Anderson, Facilities Director of Gillette College.

Meet Gillette - Gillette College (Part 1)

Pastor Ron talks with Janell Oberlander, president of Gillette College where they will host soccer and basketball at their facilities!

Meet Gillette - Ava Art (Part 2)

Pastor Ron talks with Heather Rodriguez and Laura Chapman of Ava Art about what they are dreaming for Pathfinders in 2024!

Meet Gillette - Ava Art (Part 1)

Pastor Ron throws a pot and talks with Quinn Goldhammer at Ava Art about some of the fun activities that will be available for Pathfinders in 2024.

Meet Gillette - EMS

Pastor Ron talks with Chris Beltz and Shane Kirsch from the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) department about the state of the art equipment and hospitals in the Gillette, WY area that are ready to serve if needed.

Meet Gillette - Prime Rib Restaurant

Pastor Ron talks with Owner Ken Barkey and manager Sam Barkey of the family owned Prime Rib Restaurant in Gillette, Wyoming. We're hungry just thinking about it!

Meet Gillette - Walmart

David Sanchez, Store Manager of the Gillette, WY Walmart shares plans for making sure that everything your club needs is ready for you!

Meet Gillette - Campbell County Commissioner

Pastor Ron sits down to talk with Campbell County Commissioner D.G. Reardon

Meet Gillette - Energy Capital Sports Complex

Pastor Ron talks with Gary Schlekeway about what the Energy Capital Sports Complex has to offer for Pathfinders coming from all around the world to Gillette, Wyoming in 2024!

Meet Gillette - Rockpile Museum

Watch as Robert Henning from the Rockpile Museum gives us a history lesson on Gillette, Wyoming!

Meet Gillette - LaQuinta

Pastor Ron and Harmony meet with Kasie Wanke, General Manager of the local Gillette LaQuinta Inn & Suites. Book your hotel room soon!

Meet Gillette - Ice Cream Cafe

Pastor Ron talks with Dee and Andrea McClure at Ice Cream Cafe about some rumors that have been going around. Are the rumors true?

Meet Gillette - Fire Station

Pastor Ron and Harmony meet with Chief Jeff Bender at the Campbell County fire station in Gillette, Wyoming to talk about their resources and impact on the International Camporee.

Meet Gillette - Durham Buffalo Ranch

Durham Ranch will be one of our offsite activities at the International Camporee! Learn about the American Buffalo and stand in the herd of 2,000 buffalo when you take a tour!

Meet Gillette - Cam-Plex Facilities

Pastor Ron stops to talk with Jeff, who is the Executive Director of Cam-Plex Event Facilities! There are many things to look forward to!

Meet Gillette - The Bicycle Shop

Pastor Ron meets with Fawn Conrad, co-owner of The Bicycle Shop in Gillette, Wyoming. Watch for information on local bike and BMX trails!

Meet Gillette - Northeast Wyoming Regional Airport

Follow along with Pastor Ron and Harmony as they meet with the local Gillette, Wyoming airport director, Todd Chatfield.

Meet Gillette - Campbell County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Jessica Seders is the Executive Director of the Campbell County Convention & Visitor's Bureau. Pastor Ron sat down to talk with her about Gillette and all of the things we have to look forward to in 2024! Take a look.

Meet Gillette - Frontier Auto Museum

The Frontier Auto Museum in Gillette is special! Pastor Ron sits down with Jeff Wandler in this episode of the "Meet Gillette" series. Take a look!

The Camporee Moves West Announcement

Say hello to Gillette, Wyoming, the new home of the 2024 International Pathfinder Camporee!

2024 Believe the Promise Reveal

In 2024, you will get to experience the story of Moses in an amazing way. We hope to see you there!
727 days until Camporee
August 5-11, 2024

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