Sabbath morning investiture applications will be accepted through August 3, 2024. Only Master Guides will be invested at the Camporee. All investiture applications received prior to June 16, 2024 will receive the commemorative pin and certificate at no cost.

All applications received from June 16 through July 23, 2024 will need to pay $10.00 for their certificate & pin at the AdventSource booth.

All investiture applications received after July 23, 2024 will still be eligible for Investiture while at the Camporee, however, we will only provide a pin and certificate if you request them at the AdventSource booth. The cost will be $12.00.

  • A certificate and commemorative pin will still be available to you, however. They will be mailed to you after the Camporee is over.

How to Pick Up Your Supplies

Your investiture supplies will be available at AdventSource, Tuesday through Friday. To make pickup easier, there will be separate lines for those who registered before June 16, (free) and those who registered between June 16 and July 23 ($10.00 fee) or after July 23 ($12.00 fee).

Investiture will be Sabbath morning so give your Master Guide scarf, slide and pin to the Master Guide who will be investing you.

Investee Responsibilities

I understand that I need to:

  • Arrange for a Master Guide to be present and prepared to do the “pinning” of me at my seat, in the audience, while the Sabbath morning investiture program is performed August 10, 2024 during the worship service.
  • Provide my own slide, scarf and pins. (You may purchase them from AdventSource)
  • Note: All applicants will need to check directly with your conference youth ministries department to order pins and items from AdventSource.