International Village

The International Village is like a mini-camporee inside the Camporee.

International groups from all over the world that would like to camp in this area will need to provide their own tents, sleeping bags, and food supplies (including equipment to cook), just like in a regular Camporee.

The difference is their neighbors can be from any of the 100+ countries that participate in the International Pathfinder Camporee.

In 2019, some Conferences, Unions, Countries, and Divisions, decided to camp together in this place and they brought activities to share.

International Village camping space is limited and open for reservation until June 1, 2024. To request camping space in the International Village, please see the request form here.

Village Help Desk

While at Camporee, you can always find help or get your questions answered at the Village Help Desk located at the International Village. Hours: 7 am – 7 pm, Tuesday-Friday. Staff will also be on duty Monday night and Saturday night to help international guests arriving and leaving the grounds to make travel connections. During these two nights only, international guests who arrive before or stay after their host club will be given floor space to sleep in the worship and dining tents.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email at


Accidents can happen at camp. If clothing or sleeping bags become soiled, there are Laundromats available in Gillette. Locations are posted at the assembly bulletin boards. Instruct your Pathfinders to treat each other with respect and courtesy at all times.


Pathfinders can easily lose money, cameras, watches, important medications, etc. in the tumble world of tent camping. We recommend that you leave travel documents and valuable items with your group leader. You have come a long way and it will be a big disappointment to lose anything. Help each other protect your valuables. If you do lose something, check at the Lost & Found.


Chairs may be moved within the Eat-n-Greet and Cultural Activity tents. They may not be taken to your tent area or anywhere else.


Each Pathfinder will be given a Camporee patch as they leave. Your patches may be collected from the International Village Host as soon as your camp area is inspected and approved as totally clean.

Remember, we are neighbors who treat each other with courtesy and consideration at all times so this Camporee will be a blessed and rewarding time for everyone!

Need help? Contact Nestor Osman, International Guest Services Director