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A highlight of every Camporee, the programming that happens each evening on the main stage is life changing. Hear great music from your fellow Pathfinders, sing along with the theme song, and watch a Biblical story played out on stage.

This page is your go-to for information about anything that happens on the main stage but be sure to check the monthly newsletter, as it may have even more current information.

View the map of the Main Stage area.

The Bible Story of Moses

The focused theme for the 2024 International Camporee is based on the incredible Biblical character of Moses, and how he believed the promise of God. We will be producing a 30-40 minute dramatic production covering the life span of Moses, which will be tied into the messages presented by the our guest speaker each evening.

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Backstage Tours

If you were one of the first 2500 people to purchase your tickets, you will find your Backstage Tour, day & time, on the upcoming Backstage Tour List. Please come to the Main Stage seating area, to the front right and look for the backstage tour sign.

Tour Info:

  • Please be on time to your tour
  • If you are late or miss your tour for any reason, it will not be rescheduled
  • If the tour is cancelled for any reason, it will not be rescheduled

We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding and punctuality

If you have any questions please contact Daniel Verdugo.

Important Rules

No Drones 4Drones

Drones and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are not permitted on Camporee grounds.


Please do not use handheld or pocket lasers during the nighttime program. Safety personnel will escort you from the nighttime area if necessary. Thank you for your cooperation.