Share Your Talent

If you would like to share your talent on the main stage, there are plenty of ways to get involved!

Appearance Release Form

Anyone participating in the Main Stage nighttime program must fill out an Appearance Release Form.

Main Stage Flag Ceremony

Volunteer to be a part of the Camporee opening night Flag Ceremony on the Main Stage.

Preparing for the flag ceremony:

  • We will be meeting on the right hand side of the stage near the baptismal pools Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM.
  • If you have a specific country flag that you would like to carry please let me know your name, and the flag you would like to carry.
  • At this meeting we will be putting all the flags and poles together.  After the flags are assembled.  We will work on the presentation of the flags.
  • We will divide into two equal number groups, each group will be assigned to a group leader on the right and left side of the stage.
  • Please make sure you bring a full water bottle with you.  You do not need to be in uniform.  Dress comfortable.

Tuesday Evening Opening Ceremony:

  • Please arrive at 7:00pm and check in with your designated group leader. This will give us time to organize and make sure we have all folks present.
  • WEAR YOUR PATHFINDER DRESS UNIFORM: Pathfinder pants/skirt, shirt, belt, black shoes.
  • After the procession, each person will take apart their flag and pole.

Note: Please make sure you fill out and submit an Appearance Release Form.

Complete the Flag Volunteer Application

Need help? Contact the Flag Ceremony Coordinator.

Main Stage Talent

Special Music for Main Stage

We are looking forward to your special music audition for Believe the Promise main stage evening programming! This invitation is for everyone interested in sharing their talent. We are looking for small groups, large groups, trios, solos, and duets. This includes vocal or instrumental. Your audition will be reviewed by the Camporee Music Committee and given full consideration.

View all the details to audition by clicking on the link below.

Audition for Special Music here!

Auditions are Closed!

Remember, you are also welcomed to perform on the Talent Stage during the Camporee for another chance to perform on the Main Stage.

Camporee Choir

BTP Choir Audition Photo

Hello! We are excited that you would like to audition for the Believe the Promise International Pathfinder Camporee Choir, 2024!

View all the details to audition by clicking on the link below.

Audition for the Choir here!

Need help, contact, Mr. Philip Byrd, Camporee Choir Director.

Camporee Orchestra

BTP Orchestra Audition Photo

Hello! Thank you for auditioning for Believe the Promise International Camporee Symphony Orchestra, 2024!

View all the details to audition by clicking on the link below.

Audition for the Orchestra here!

Auditions are Closed!

Need help, contact, Mr. Joseph E. Choi, Camporee Symphony Orchestra Conductor