Flag Raising 2

There are a number of special events that take place at the Camporee. These don’t happen every day so check this page to find the dates and time!

Flags & Parades

Daily On-site Parade

Parade 1

Imagine thousands of Pathfinders standing at attention in one grand assembly facing the grand stage. You are standing with your club, which is with your conference, which is with your union of Pathfinders.

You feel so proud to be marching with your club. Up ahead you hear drum corps groups beating out the marching time. Hundreds of people are cheering for you on either side of the street. This is fantastic! You pass by the Review Stage and your director gives the command and you salute the officials as you march by. Boy, this is so special. You will remember this for the rest of your life.

Schedule: Wednesday – Sabbath

  • Wear Class A Dress uniforms
  • Bring your club Pathfinder banner
  • Bring your conference banner
  • Be in place at 2:50pm at the Parade Assembly area (note change of time)
  • Parade ends at 4:30 PM

Location: Parade Assembly – TBA – View the Camporee map

Need help? Contact Pedro Perez, the Daily Onsite Parade Coordinator

Flag Ceremony

48537249476 fcb649a755 cCome and watch the raising and lowering of nine giant flags that stand guardian to the International Pathfinder Camporee. Beginning Tuesday evening and ending Saturday night, there will be nine flag raising and lowering events at 7:00am and 7:00pm respectively.


  • Nine unions of the North American Division and International Pathfinders will raise and lower these flags.
  • Each flag needs eight people to help raise it up and take it down. 72 Pathfinders will be needed for each raising and lowering.
  • Practice begins promptly at: 6:30am for raising the flags or 6:30pm for lowering the flags.

Location: TBD – View the Camporee map

Cannon Ministry

Cannon ministry

Jim Litchfield and his team, “God’s Cannon Crew,” help make flag raising and lowering come alive with a mighty BOOM! Listen for yourself as three cannons fire at the same time every morning and every evening (7:00 AM and 7:00 PM). Cannons are in 3 different locations around the Camporee grounds. Cannons are also fired at the beginning of each daily parade.

Come see these mighty little cannons for yourself and feel the sound wave as they boom to life each morning and evening.

Shows & Displays

BMX Demo

BMX Bikes

How good are you at doing tricks on your bicycle?  Watch professional trick BMX bike riders do amazing tricks on their bicycles that we can only dream of right now! BMX bikers will be showing you their flips, jumps, backward bike riding and much, much more! Really cool stuff!

Who May Attend: Everyone

Schedule: Tuesday – Friday

Location: TBD – View the Camporee map



Vintage Car Show

Vintage cars

Join the Adventist Rodders Club (ARC) and other car enthusiasts for a special Vintage Car Show. See cars from many years ago!  These cars are polished and chromed and way nicer than they were as original. See them in the parade each day and on display.

We have Pastor Ron’s ’57 Chevy Bel Air, Lloyd Clapp’s ’32 Model A Street Rod, and several others. Come in, take pictures! This activity is for the entire club no matter what their age, including those staff who might even remember when these cars were new! You might even see some very modern Hot Rods!

Joining the Vintage Cars will be the Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Club who will be showing their motorcycles and telling about their outreach for the Lord.

Who May Attend: Everyone

Schedule: Wednesday – Friday – 10:00am – 4:30pm

Location: TBD

View the Camporee map


Genis Book Of World Record logo 1World Records and Competitions

World Record Attempts

There will be many opportunities to set World Records at the 2024 Camporee. Stay tuned and check back often for a complete approved list.

Great Ball Contraption

Calling all LEGO™ fans!!

We are going to try to break the Great Ball Contraption (GBC) World Record in Gillette! What is GBC? It’s a crazy fun machine. Each participant builds a contraption (module) which moves a ball from one side to the other, like a bucket brigade. All the modules are put together to form a continuous loop. Here is a link to the current record holder from Denmark. There are a few rules which must be followed so all the modules work together, so be on the lookout for more information.

Read more about the GBC World Record event.

Watch the NEW WORLD RECORD LEGO World 2019 Denmark Great Ball Contraption GBC video

Postcard Extravaganza

We need your help to break the Guinness World Record for the largest postcard collection. Here is how you can participate.

  • Bring a postcard or two or hundreds to the International Camporee in Gillette.
  • Each postcard received must be or have been a commercially available postcard at one time.
  • It can be new or old, mailed or not mailed. It just must be unique to the collection.

Read the Info Sheet.

There is more information coming soon. Start collecting today!

Cooking Events

Top Club Chef Competition

48552483036 4e78f32d7e c

Come and participate in this exciting special event at the International Pathfinder Camporee. It’s a fun-filled activity specifically targeting that important, yet often forgotten, member of the team, the club chef. We want to have our chefs showcase their talents and be appreciated for all the tasty, healthy food they provide for their clubs. The best part is everyone can be a winner, since this is a non-elimination competition.

Here’s More Information:

  • Contact your local NAD Conference or non-NAD Division Youth Director to see if s/he will appoint you to represent all of the club chefs in your NAD Conference or GC Division
  • Top Club Chefs will be determined each day (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday), and will be awarded a “Top Club Chef” lapel pin each day.
  • On Friday, the club chef(s) with the most total points will be awarded a special “Top Club Chef” Medallion.

Schedule: Wednesday-Friday 9:30am-11:00am

Location: TBD –

View the Camporee map

How to Apply:

For more information and to apply: Top Club Chef Competition Application – coming soon!

Need help? Contact Hulando Shaw, Top Club Chef Coordinator

Phone Number: (929) 255-0595

Ultimate S'more

4939 en us largeUltimate S’more

Every year at Pathfinder camporees all over the world, one thought dominates Saturday night – “Is my s’more the best ever?”  In 2024, at the Believe the Promise International Camporee, that question will be answered, once and for all!

The Objective: Simply put, make the best tasting s’more at the International Camporee.

The Rule: All s’mores must include graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate.

The Process: At your conference camporee, one winner will be selected to represent your conference at the International Camporee.  On Wednesday evening, each Union will select one conference winner to be its representative at the final cookout on Thursday.  In addition, the International Village will have a club in the final cookout.

Each winning club will need to bring their own s’more supplies to the final cookout.  A panel of select judges (some famous, some just really good at eating s’mores) will determine a winner.  That club will receive the famous “Trophy of Yum”, a bag of marshmallows and a bottle of Pepto Bismol during the evening program.

Need help? Contact Sherilyn O’Fill, Special Events Director