International Guests

Welcome, international guests! Please consult this page as you plan your Camporee experience.

Tips on Preparing for a Visa Interview

  1. Follow US Consular instructions exactly, including evidence of travel ticket, funds for trip, and intention to return to your country.
  2. Print and include the Camporee Introduction Letter (available at a later date). A letter of invitation is NOT required and will not be given as this is an open event.
  3. Add a letter on church letterhead from your church or regional youth director, verifying you are an active participant, of good character, in the local Adventist church.
  4. Print the Camporee Week Schedule and show if asked for details about activities.
  5. Pray for God’s guidance.

On Arrival at Camporee

When you get to the gate, international guest ushers will escort you to your arranged host campsite or the International Village.  Please wait at the gate to be ushered first to your camp area, and then go to the registration office.

Communicating with WhatsApp

Outside the United States, WhatsApp is widely used to communicate for free with wireless internet connection. As the US phone system differs from the rest of the world, international guests aren’t able to easily purchase a sim card on arrival in the US, as in other countries.  The good news is you can manage with free wifi in airports and hotels, and in some areas at Camporee.