Fundraising is an integral part of each Camporee in which clubs get creative to earn the necessary funds to enable them to attend the International Camporee. For some clubs, fundraising is their only means to raise money. Regardless of how it is done, however, we all know how much work the standard “car wash” or “rummage sale” fundraisers can be, often with limited success. The Center for Youth Evangelism would like to provide you with ideas for fundraising along with a few principles for fundraising that might be just the spark your Pathfinder Club needs to raise lots of money for the upcoming International Camporee.*

*These ideas and tips are given to assist clubs in fundraising and in no way guarantee success for your fundraising event. The Center for Youth Evangelism takes no responsibility for the success or failure of your fundraising events & results, or endorses any product or organization, but we always love to hear about what is working for you!

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Fundraising Checklist

Fundraising Letter

  • Step 1 – One simple way to raise your International Camporee registration ticket money is to take the $225.00 and divide it by 6 days (the number of nights people can camp on the Camporee campground site). This equals $37.50 per day. When you mention the breakdown of prices, some people may be more apt to sponsor you when they see the modest prices of the per day rate.
  • Step 2 – Ask each young person and adult to find the names and addresses of 12 friends and/or relatives.
  • Step 3 – Use or adapt the following sample letter to request your friends and or relatives to sponsor you for one or two days at the Camporee.