1989 – Friendship Camporee

The theme logo was Noah’s Ark. The 1989 Camporee Director was Ron Streeter who also served as the Columbia Union Youth Director. The Camporee was held in Mt Union, Pennsylvania and was sponsored by the Columbia Union. Attendance was 12,032 from 509 clubs. Two clubs came from the North Pacific Union & 19 Clubs from the Pacific Union. When Ron Streeter and the Columbia Union administration heard that the NAD had voted not to have a second large national Camporee they voted to offer an International Camporee. If the Columbia Union with Ron Streeter’s leadership had not made this prayerful choice, to host a large international camporee, there would not be the big international camporees today.

Fun Facts

  • $75 Registration Fee.
  • 12,032 Pathfinders attended the Friendship Camporee.
  • 509 Clubs attended the Friendship Camporee.

Theme Song
We Are His Colors – Audio

We Are His Colors – Music Video

We Are His Colors – Sheet Music

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