All programs on the main stage will be interpreted into six different languages using FM radio.  FM radios will be provided by Adventist World Radio.

View more about Interpretation.

Sign Language

Sign Language is available during the evening programs and Sabbath morning in a certain area of the audience.

Need help? Contact Mellisa Beattie, Sign Language Coordinator for more information.

Medical Tent

There will be a Medical Tent located at the rear of the Main Stage seating area where you can find help for any medical needs during the evening program.

Safety Tent

There will be a Safety Tent located at the rear of the Main Stage seating area to help with any safety issues. Please bring any lost children to this location. Safety personnel will promptly assist them.

If your child gets lost or is separated from you, please call Camporee Safety for immediate assistance with locating your child.

​The quickest, easiest way to obtain professional help for any type of emergency is to call Camporee Safety: Number TBA.

  • When calling, stay calm and carefully explain the problem and your location to the Camporee Safety Dispatcher.
  • Do not hang up until you are told to do so.