Village Help Desk

Before traveling to Camporee, it is wise to read all the information through this website. Plan ahead to make the most of your camporee experience. If you are communicating with a North American Division club that is hosting you, feel free to ask them questions before and through camp days.

While at Camporee, you can always find help or get your questions answered at the Village Help Desk located near the International Village Worship tent.

Hours: 7am-7pm, Tuesday-Friday.  Staff will be on duty through Monday and Saturday night to help international guests arriving and leaving the grounds to make travel connections. During these two nights only, international guests who arrive before or stay after their host club will be given floor space to sleep in the worship and dining tents.


If your pathfinder club or group has a uniform, bring it along.  Most NAD clubs create their own unique field uniform, usually a t-shirt, which is worn to all kinds of events. This is optional but helpful in finding your group members in 40,000+ campers gathered for evening meetings! NAD pathfinder clubs frequently wear dress uniform in parades, in drill competitions, and to Sabbath services.  Many guests will attend Camporee who are not members of a uniformed pathfinder club, so you will feel right at home with or without uniform.

International Parade

All international campers are invited to participate in the Daily On-site Parade on Friday, August 9. Bring your country’s flag (optional) and your club’s banner. Regional leaders will update your group on where to assemble at 2:40pm, wearing your club’s uniform or national costumes, for the International Camporee parade.

Flag Raising & Lowering

International guest Pathfinders will have the opportunity to help raise & lower the Camporee’s many large flags.


NOTE: Times & Schedules are subject to change.

Trading Pins

NAD club members and staff have enjoyed collecting pins representing different clubs or regions as souvenirs of the Camporee experience. Some NAD conferences develop a special pin which club members can purchase a supply of, to trade with campers from other clubs, conferences, countries and continents. International guests are welcome to participate, and may wish to bring some pins to trade, representing their club/group, or bearing their country’s flag. Trading pins are small (about 1-2cm in diameter) and have a way to fasten to clothing. Camporee will be a great experience, making new friends and participating in activities with or without trading pins, so this is entirely optional.