Activities Scheduled for International Guests

Stay informed about specific activities for International Guests. View the schedule for International Guests.


If your pathfinder club or group has a uniform, bring it along.  Most NAD clubs create their own unique field uniform, usually a t-shirt, which is worn to all kinds of events. This is optional but helpful in finding your group members in 40,000+ campers gathered for evening meetings! NAD pathfinder clubs frequently wear dress uniform in parades, in drill competitions, and to Sabbath services.  Many guests will attend Camporee who are not members of a uniformed pathfinder club, so you will feel right at home with or without uniform.

International Parade

All international campers are invited to participate in the Daily On-site Parade on Friday, August 9. Bring your country’s flag (optional) and your club’s banner. Regional leaders will update your group on where to assemble, wearing your club’s uniform or national costumes, for the International Camporee parade. You don’t want to miss it!

Flag Raising & Lowering

International Pathfinders will have the opportunity to help raise & lower large flags every morning and evening.

Schedule: Available here

NOTE: Times & Schedules are subject to change.

Trading Pins

NAD club members and staff have enjoyed collecting pins representing different clubs or regions as souvenirs of the Camporee experience. Some NAD conferences develop a special pin which club members can purchase a supply of, to trade with campers from other clubs, conferences, countries and continents. International guests are welcome to participate, and may wish to bring some pins to trade, representing their club/group, or bearing their country’s flag. Trading pins are small (about 1-2cm in diameter) and have a way to fasten to clothing. Camporee will be a great experience, making new friends and participating in activities with or without trading pins, so this is entirely optional.


As Pathfinders, we enjoy outdoor activities and camping, however, it is always useful to study the temperatures and weather of the place we are going to visit.

During the day we expect temperatures up to 32 Celsius, and at the night as low as 8 Celsius. This is normal for mountain areas and is not a problem at all, you just need to be prepared.

Day dressing: Consider using shirts or t-shirts, shorts or light pants. Wear loose, breathable clothing: Lightweight, loose-fitting clothing that breathes well will help your body regulate temperature. Don’t forget to cover your head, use sunscreen, and stay hydrated all the time.

Night dressing: For the Nighttime program, in case of low temperatures, consider dress in layers.

  1. The first layer could include long underpants and a long sleeve shirt, both comfortable and dry. Include thick and dry socks, a fleece hat, and gloves. (This layer could also work to sleep)
  2. The second layer could be long pants and a fleece jacket.
  3. The third layer could be just another jacket on top.

Don’t forget to bring some blankets to sit on, but also to cover if needed.


International guests who choose not to be hosted will be responsible for all food and cooking supplies, as well as accommodation needs. All international guests are responsible for their own travel arrangements and expenses before and after Camporee, as well as bedding and personal items for use at Camporee.

Clearly indicate the number of people in your group when you register and keep the International Guest Coordinator informed of changes to ensure your group is assigned appropriate camping space. Contact the International Guests Services Director with questions or updates.

Campground info


Showers and toilets are provided throughout the campground. Prepare to shower quickly.  Do not use the shower as a toilet.  Used toilet paper is to be thrown in the toilet. Wash hands regularly.  Staff are to go with Pathfinders under 18 years of age to the shower houses to keep them safe and make sure they follow the rules posted on the walls.


Each Camporee day is full of exciting and tiring activities. Staff and pathfinders need adequate rest to avoid sickness. We ask that the village become quiet at 11:00 PM week nights and midnight Saturday night. Stop all loud talking, singing, recorded music, or noise that will wake your neighbors.


The “Eat-n-Greet” tent is reserved for cooking and eating. No camping is allowed in this tent even if the weather is bad. Tables are available to set up your cooking area. Please be considerate of other groups, sharing the space. Check the bulletin boards in the assembly tent to learn where to get ice and grocery supplies.


Anyone using liquid and compressed fuels at the Camporee must read and comply with the Camporee guidelines for storing and handling these materials.

Read and download the Liquid & Compressed Fuel Guidelines


Water left over after preparing food, washing dishes, brushing teeth, personal cleaning etc. is called “gray water”. Please do not throw it on the ground. Food particles left in the water can attract flies! Pour your water into a container then take it to the areas marked for Gray Water dumping. Keep your campsite clean and sanitary!


Garbage bins are provided throughout the village. Please dispose of all food scraps, paper goods, and any trash into these bins. Use covered containers to put garbage in or closed trash bags, and do not throw any garbage onto the ground.