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The following promotional resources have been made available to you for free to use in promoting the 2024 Believe the Promise Camporee. Making any changes to the 2024 Believe the Promise International Pathfinder Camporee logo is not permitted.  Thank you for using only the Camporee logos provided for you below.

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Camporee Website QR Code 5.18.23

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Making of David Video Series

In six action-packed episodes, go behind the scenes at the Chosen International Pathfinder and follow the cast of The David Story as they rehearse and perform the five-act play for 55,000 people.

Where to watch: All episodes are available now. Watch here!

Digital resources including trailer, photos and social media graphics can be downloaded from this Dropbox link.

All episodes have English and Spanish closed captions.

Marketing Videos

Official 2024 Believe the Promise Promo video

“Going West” announcement video

Official 2024 Believe the Promise Promo video – Spanish

“Going West” announcement video – Spanish

Cam-Plex Facilities Promotional

Believe the Promise Announcement

Camporee history video

Chosen International Camporee Report

Chosen International Camporee Report – Spanish

Believe the Promise Logo Design Time Lapse

Print Items


2024 Camporee Flyer 5.5×8.5in – English

2024 Camporee Flyer 5.5×8.5in – Spanish

CYE/Camporee flyer – English

CYE/Camporee flyer – Espanol

Camporee Banner

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News Articles

Pacific Union Camporee October 2022

Gillette & Wyoming News Articles

Gillette prepares for 55,000 Camporee attendees

Land board approves Cam-plex roadway design 1.16.23

Cam-plex plans rest of amphitheater site; projects underbudget so far 1.17.23

Cam-plex executive director brings ag, arts backgrounds to the table 1.28.23

Camporee looking for community service projects 2.7.23

Land board eyes capital needs, preps for Camporee budget cycle 2.9.23

Hotels begin to fill as businesses prepare for Camporee in 2024 3.10.23

Land board weighs grass and water options for amphitheater site 3.14.23

More than 8,000 tickets sold for Camporee 3.15.23

Amphitheater site project on track; 11,000 tickets sold for Camporee 5.10.23

City approves amendment to amphitheater costs 5.23.23

Area 59 tests out summer hours, fun days; closing to public for Camporee 6.5.23

Amphitheater site nears completion, has summer for grass to grow 6.10.23

What to Know about the 2024 Camporee and it’s 50,000 Visitors to Gillette 8.12.23

Campbell County Rec Center preps for thousands of guests during Camporee 9.2.23

Dozens of community service projects already confirmed for Camporee 9.15.23

County departments gearing up for Camporee 10.21.23

The Casper Natrona County Airport Is The Only International Airport In Wyoming 12.24.23