RV 1All camping spaces will be assigned on a certain number of square feet per person. Therefore, club staff members bringing, or allowing other staff members to bring RVs, will need to consider the space that will be allowed to accommodate all their camping equipment. Each club will be assigned space according to the number of paid registrations sent in, including clubs they might be hosting.


RVs in Club Camping Space

You must contact your Club Director and Conference Youth/Pathfinder Director to get permission to bring an RV to camp with a club or conference.

RV hookups are not guaranteed. If you plan to bring an RV, you have these 3 options:

  • Talk with your youth director and obtain permission to park your RV with your club
  • Be a full time Volunteer (8 hours a day)
  • Overflow RV space – spaces are limited and are first come/first serve

RVs NOT in a Club Camping Space

If you are bringing an RV to the Camporee and not staying in a club camping space, Conference, or Union area, you MUST fill out the form below.

  • There are no more RV spaces that are not within a conference available.
  • Look for RV camping spaces on the Camporee website, look under Campgrounds & RV Rentals.

There are no utilities such as water, electricity, and sewer in the overflow RV parking area. This is a firstcome/first serve overflow parking.

RV Services

  • There are no RV services guaranteed such as: water, electricity, or sewer.
  • You should be sure your RV is self-contained, meaning you have your own water, a quiet generator, and plan to use the pump & dump service.
  • If there is no space for your RV in your conference camping area, you are welcome to camp in the designated overflow RV camping area located at the southeast parking area. (No registration needed. First come, first served.) There are no water, sewer, or electricity hook-ups in this location. Pumping of waste water and refilling fresh water services are available for a fee. (See RV Pumping  below for more info.)
  • A quiet generator is required.
  • Generators must not exhaust into any tent campsite, as the exhaust will cause sickness. Failure to comply with this guideline will result in authoritative action.
  • All RVs used on a campsite are to be 10 ft. from any other RV in any other campsite.
  • You can also camp off-site at a local RV park which has RV services. You would be responsible for making these reservations and paying for all RV campground fees. See our Offsite Lodging  page for local RV campgrounds. The International Camporee does not endorse any campground.
  • If RVs are being used in the club space, directors need to let their conference leadership know what type and size the RV is, which will help them in allotting the space.

RV Pumping

  • Once you arrive at the Camporee, we ask you not to move your RV if parked in a club camping space or on the Camporee grounds, until the end of Camporee when you depart.
  • We will pump your RV waste and water for a fee.


  • The Office is  located on Wrangler Dr. north of Wrangler Arena.
  • Give the location of your RV and pay the fee for service. You will receive a tag to put on your RV.

Hours of operations:
Tuesday-Friday & Sunday – 9:00am – 2:00pm

Pricing: Cash & Credit Cards are accepted

Sewer (black water) & gray water pumping – $50.00 per pumping
Non portable fresh water fill delivery – $18 per delivery fill

RV Dump Station

There is an RV dump station for those needing to empty their RV’s sewage and wastewater, if parked in the RV Overflow parking area, or when you leave the Camporee.

Location: CBH CO-OP Travel Plaza, 2063 S Garner Lk Rd, Gillette, WY 82716

Phone: (307) 257-2068

Hours: Monday – Sunday 4:30am – 10:00pm

View Google Map location

  • There are also freshwater fill faucets for refilling your clean water tanks.

Offsite Camping & RV (Recreational Vehicle) Rentals

See our Offsite Lodging page for more information about RV rentals and local campgrounds.