Most clubs will participate in some form of fundraising to help them raise money to get to the International Camporee. Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. The Personal Touch
Most people respond better to face-to-face personal requests for donations than to mass-mailings or telephone appeals.

2. Targeted Requests
People seem to prefer giving money to specific projects rather than the general operating funds. Be ready to summarize three or four projects you’d like to accomplish – such as the Camporee. Know how much the projects will cost.

3. Planned Giving
You probably will find people more interested in giving on a regular, monthly basis than in giving a single, large donation. Apparently it’s easier to say, “I’ll give you $50 a month, than “I’ll give you $500.”

4. Show Appreciation
Be sure to follow a donation with a thank-you letter. ‘Don’t create a form letter, write a personal, to the point note expressing your gratitude.’ — from the ABZs of Adventist Youth Ministry. This is a great resource and is available through Advent Source.

5. Supply Tax Deduction Reciept
Be sure you give receipts for donations so the donors can report the donation as tax-deductable (USA).

6. Offer Quality
Always put out the highest quality of work possible. Donors do not like donating when the quality is sloppy!

7. Set Goals
How much do you need to raise?  What is your time period?  How will you know how much you have earned and how much you have yet to raise?  How will you credit Pathfinders who “show up” and “help” all the time, vs. those who aren’t involved very much in the fundraising?  Once you determine your goals tell EVERYONE about them!

8. Take Care of the Money
Have at least two adults responsible for collecting, counting, and recording the money. That minimizes mistakes and helps make sure everythng is recorded properly.

9. Start Strong / Finish Well
It’s important to start fundraising on a positive note, and just as important to celebrate the victory of finishing.

10. Develop a Money Making Tradition
People will get use to annual fundraisers, such as banquets, and monthly events such as “pizza kits.” Keep track of your past customers. They provide a strong basis for your next fundraiser!

11. Make the Fundraiser FUN!
Fundraising can be FUN, but a lot of that is up to the leaders so plan to work hard and have fun in the process.

12. Choose a Great Leader
When selecting a person to be the director of your fundraiser, look for a cheerleader, someone who’s going to be excited about the products and prizes, and one who can get others excited. Remember, this person should also be organized and have enough time to spend planning the fundraiser. Maybe even a couple of parents could team lead?