This page is dedicated to the local Club Director & staff, Conference, Union, & Division Youth Directors to help you in your planning for the International Camporee.  These suggested resources will help you prepare for the Camporee whether you have never been to a Camporee before or you are returning again.

Arrival Gate Entrances by Union – TBA

Please enter the Camporee grounds using the designated gate to get to your Union/Conference campground.

View the Camporee map for gate information.

Camporee Quick Reference Flip Chart

Each Youth/Club Director will receive a Camporee Quick Reference Flip Chart when they check in at Registration. It contains very important information at a glance.

Shower House Information for Union/Conference Youth Directors

Columbia Union

Lake & North Atlantic Unions

Mid America Union

North Pacific Union

North Southern Union

North Southwestern & South Atlantic Unions

SDA Church in Canada & International

South Southern Union

South Southwestern & South Pacific Unions

Southern California

If you have any questions, please call 423-505-6415 or email Barry Becker.

Union Shower Monitoring Information

Items to bring

  1. Automated External Defibrillator (AED) machine – Please place this in your Conference/Union headquarters tent/camper.
  2. PA system for your morning worship at your Conference/Union campsite.
  3. Outdoor flags & stands – Country – Pathfinder – Christian – States/Province
  4. Parade Banner announcing your Conference/Union/Division
  5. First Aid Kit  & Fire Extinguisher
  6. SAMs Club, Costco & other store discount cards/numbers
  7. Tax exempt number or card for purchasing items such as groceries and supplies.
  8. Quiet generator for your charging station for cell phones, etc.