Trash Dumpster 1Please help keep our campgrounds and the EAA grounds free of garbage by placing all your trash in the dumpsters and trash cans provided for you throughout the Camporee grounds. Check around your campsite each day and as you walk to and from activities and the Main Stage for trash.  Let’s go green and keep our Camporee grounds clean!


Port o let 1Port-o-let placement around the campgrounds will be no farther than 15-20 feet from any campsite. There will be several hundred port-o-lets placed throughout the campground and activity areas. Port-o-lets will be cleaned daily by our port-o-let vendor.

Please do not place any items in the port-o-lets such as clothing, trash, food, etc. Putting anything but human waste, toilet paper, and feminine hygiene products into the port-o-lets clogs the pumping mechanisms and makes it all but impossible for our waste vendor to maintain port-o-lets during the Camporee. “If it wasn’t in your body, don’t put it in the potty!”

Shower Tents

Shower Houses 1

Shower tents will be available throughout the campground. There will be “lukewarm” water available at these tents. We will do our best to see that the water is warm all the time.

Please stagger your shower times throughout the day to help reduce long lines in the morning and late afternoon times. Please use the Port-o-lets near the shower houses before showering. There are NO toilets in the shower tents.

Thank you for your help in keeping the shower tents clean and sanitary for all to use! Remember to take your toiletries back to your campsite and not leave them in the shower tent.

Shower 3 Shower 1 Shower 2

View Camporee map for locations.


Fresh Water Symbol 1Fresh Water: CookingDrinking water 11.30.22 and drinking water will be available at the shower houses. You are responsible for the transportation of the water to your campsite.  See the Camporee map for shower house locations.

Greywater: Large containers will be located throughout the campgrounds (next to the Port-o-lets) for all grey/waste water which includes dish washing water. Please strain out any food particles before you dump your greywater into these containers to help prevent blockage in the pumping truck systems.