Onsite Activities 2

On-site Activities

There are a lot of activities for you to participate in while at the Camporee. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new and exciting. The possibilities are almost endless!

View the current list of Honors & Activities – Click Here
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Schedule of Activities

Tuesday: 12:00 PM (Noon) – 5:00 PM
Wednesday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM (Sabbath appropriate)

NAD Education - Creation Station

The Creation Station at the BTP Camporee will give you an opportunity to connect with 13 Colleges/Universities, a number of NAD academies, Union Education Departments, and other education entities offering honors and exhibits including, Architecture, Aviation, Lighthouse, Ropes, Floorball, Dinosaur Excavation/Taphonomic Research, Bones/Muscles/Movement, and many more!

Apply to be an NAD Education exhibitor or NAD Education honor by completing the form below:

2024 BTP Camporee-Energy Hall Exhibit Contract

Located: Energy Hall building

View the Cam-Plex buildings map for location of Energy Hall.

Education Camporee Promo Creation Station 1.11.24




















Dinosaur Exhibit Promo 2.26.24




















Education Backpack Announcement 2.26.24




















Need help? Contact Ruth Horton or Marc Grundy for more information.

Frontier Hall Activities & Honors

Frontier Hall will have honors and activities from AdventHealth.

Frontier Hall is located within the Wyoming Center. View the Wyoming Center floor plan.

Spirit Hall Activities & Honors

Spirit Hall will have honors and activities as well as the location for the Pathfinder Museum. The Great Ball Contraption World Record attempt will also be located here. Check back for more information about other activities & honors which will be located at Spirit Hall.

Spirit Hall is located within the Wyoming Center. View the Wyoming Center floor plan.

International Pathfinder Camporee Cam-Plex Bloodmobile

Help us collect 150 units of blood to support area hospitals. A Bloodmobile will be parked on the Camporee grounds for 3 days. Spread the word and let’s do our part in helping those who need blood.

Bottled water and packages of snacks, such as assorted chips, cookies, crackers, etc. will be provided for donors to recover.

Donor Requirements
  • Donors must be at least 16 years of age and older to donate blood.
  • 16 and 17 year old donors are required to have a signed Minor Donor Parent Consent form with them in order to donate blood. It must also be signed by their parent/guardian.
  • Minor donors do not need to have their parent/guardian with them to donate but they must have a signed form.
  • All donors must speak English.

Donor Information

Donor Forms – Here you will find access to relevant forms to help ensure a seamless experience.

Health History Questionaire – Please read all information.

Blood Donation Eligibility – Most people are eligible to donate blood and recent FDA changes to eligibility guidance, including the Individual Donor Assessment and European travel, may mean those once deferred can give. We encourage you to review both the basic and additional eligibility sections to help determine if you’re eligible to help save lives.

Dates & Times

Location: To be determined

Need Help? Contact Jennifer Ash, Bloodmobile Coordinator, or call 887-258-4825.