Your Commitment

In addition to purchasing your ticket, volunteers will need to make their own transportation arrangements to and from Camporee, lodging, and daily meals. As a volunteer you can experience the Camporee while sharing your heart for service.

Every Camporee staff member and volunteer is asked to pay their own way in order to be able to utilize our funds for our target audience – our youth. The Camporee is only possible because of the incredible contributions of our volunteers and with grateful hearts, we want to say thank you for your sacrifice to be a part of a great mission to help draw our youth closer to Christ.

Volunteer Ticket Cost: $225.00 US

Ideas to Help You with Your Cost

  • Contact your Conference Youth Director to connect with a local club; ask if they would sponsor your lodging and meals by allowing you to camp with their club and eat with them for the meals they provide.
  • Ask your local church to help sponsor you as a “Camporee missionary” since you are volunteering your time and talents for God’s youth. Give them an estimate of your food cost during the Camporee and ask them to support you financially in this way.
  • Send out letters to your relatives, friends, or mentors letting them know how you are volunteering your time/talents at the Camporee and ask them to help sponsor you for one day worth of meals.
  • Finally have that garage sale you’ve been meaning to host for the last three years – use the profit to cover your Camporee expenses.
  • Ask for your friends and family to purchase your ticket or contribute to your Camporee expenses for your Birthday gift this year.
  • Connect with other Camporee volunteers in your local area and make arrangements to travel, camp, and eat together to save on expenses; besides, road trips are always more fun with more people!