Places of Interest Around Gillette

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There are many places to visit around the Gillette area using your own vehicle. The places of interest listed below do not have Camporee bus services. You are more than welcome to visit these cool places on your own.

High Plains Energy Equipment Display

Coal Mining Truck






“Retired” equipment representing coal mining, railroad, gas and oil production on display on CAM-PLEX grounds (South Garner Lake Road and Windmill Drive). Equipment includes a train locomotive and a coal haul truck.

Location: 1635 Reata Dr, Gillette, WY 82718

Train Viewing Area

Coal train 1






See coal trains pass under you. Trains are 115-140 cars long (1.5 miles); each car holds 120 tons of coal.

Located on the North Side of Gillette Avenue.

Wright Centennial Museum

Covered Wagon WCM





The Wright Centennial Museum, in Wright, provides a unique opportunity to witness Wyoming history spanning from the homestead era to the beginning steps of Wyoming becoming the nation’s Energy Capital!

A dedicated group of volunteers has compiled an impressive collection, laced with local legends and lore. From the kitchen and cookstove of pioneer women to the cowboy’s kitchen on the range, the chuckwagon, the museum delivers an interactive opportunity to visualize the stories of Wright and the Bighorn Basin. A knowledgeable team is on hand to answer questions and loves to share the fun tales that accompany many of the museum pieces.

Located at 104 Ranch Ct. Wright, WY

Call 307-464-1222 for more information


Parks & Recreation

Click links for more information about each park.

Gurley Park – 2.7 miles from Cam-Plex

Hoadley Park –  3.2 miles from Cam-Plex

Dalbey Memorial Park – 3.3 miles from Cam-Plex

City Park – 4 miles from Cam-Plex

Campbell County Recreation Center – 5 miles from Cam-Plex

Bicentennial Park – 4.6 miles from Cam-Plex

McManamen Park – 4.5 miles from Cam-Plex

Cam-Plex Park – 1.2 miles from Cam-Plex