Click Each Area Below to View the Volunteer Opportunities.

We are excited to promote this amazing opportunity to individuals 18+ years of age with legal status in the United States and Canada.

Volunteer Opportunities include:


  • General Registration Helpers – Assist people as they register at the Registration Building.
  • Food Concessions
    • Food Concessions Field Assistant – Assists the Concessions Coordinator with the day-to-day field operations to ensure the cleanliness of grounds and safety for guests. Responsible for picking up trash while cleaning and disinfecting picnic tables. View volunteer job description.
    • Ice Stations Sales Assistant – Assists the person in charge of Ice Sales with the day-to-day operation of the Ice Concessions for the Camporee. View volunteer job description.
    • TLT Ice Sales Volunteers – Help at the Ice Sales locations. View volunteer duties descriptions.

Daytime On-site Activities

  • Daytime Activity Facilitators – Run activities, pick up trash, move tables, and various other duties as assigned.

Daytime Off-site Activities

  • Bus Support Job descriptions – Volunteers needed from 9am-5pm
  1. Supervise bus lines at the four bus pickup zones. Answer questions about bus lines.
  2. Making sure teen plus buses are only taking teens.
  3. Ensuring the safety of Pathfinders not running in front of buses.

Contact supervisors Gregory & Kim Taylor.

If you are interested in volunteering to help with the Offsite Sports Activities Click the link below.

BTP Sports Volunteer Interest Form

Contact supervisor Helvis Moody.

  • Rec Center & Sports Complex Job Descriptions – Volunteers needed from 9am-5pm
  1. Supervise the various areas of the rec center to make sure pathfinders are in the correct locations.
  2. Monitor showers in the rec center to ensure they are being used by those that are participating in the rec activities.
  3. Monitor bus flow at the sports complex and answer questions about activities.

  • Pronghorn Center:  Help with the 3 On 3 basketball tournament: signing in players and organizing games, etc. To sign up and receive more information, email

  • Campbell Center: Assist with indoor activities, manage the Welcome Desk/ Activities/ Honor Sign – Up, maintain traffic flow in designated areas and restrooms for all International Camporee campers. In addition, others supervise indoor activities, pool area(s), rock climbing wall, pickle ball, tennis, track, basketball, and volleyball.  To sign up and receive more information, email or

  • Energy Complex:
    • Volunteers to help with soccer email
    • Volunteers for softball email
    • Volunteers for baseball – coordinator needed.
    • Volunteers for kickball – coordinator needed.
    • Volunteers for fun play – create different games on a baseball field so many kids can play – coordinator needed.
    • Volunteers are needed to watch and help with traffic flow.
    • Volunteers are needed for the splash pad.

If you are interested in any of these areas that we are looking for coordinators, please email and cc

  • Aquatic Center: Volunteers are needed to facilitate restrooms, traffic flow, safety, sign in and make sure the buses run timely etc.  If you are interested in helping, please email and cc

  • Medical Personnel are needed in each of the four facilities.  If you are interested in helping, please email and cc

  • Community Service
    • Community Service Project Volunteer Supervisors – Tuesday afternoon through Friday. View job description.

For more information, contact Cindi Young @

  • Gillette College – We are looking for volunteers to be at the entrance to the college and direct people to which classroom their honors will be taught.

  • Rockpile Museum – We are looking for volunteers to be at the entrance controlling the number entering and volunteers walk around and make sure everything is going well.

  • Swim Meet leader – We are seeking an individual who can organize, coordinate, and manage a Swim Meet.

  • Pathfinder Community Parade – All Volunteers will need to be able to stand for long periods of time from Noon-5 PM on Sabbath, August 10, 2024. – View a list of volunteers needed for the Pathfinder Community Parade.

Contact supervisor Franklyn Broomfield

General Volunteers

  • General Volunteer – Help in various areas where needed.


  • Medical Personnel
  1. Physicians
    • Pediatricians
    • Emergency Medicine
    • Family Medicine
    • Dentists
  2. Nurse Practitioners
  3. Physician Assistants
  4. Nurses (RN/LPN)
  5. EMT
  6. Paramedics
  7. Certified Nursing Assistants
  8. Support staff
  • Transportation – Unlicensed medical personnel to transport via provided golf cart, patients back to their camp site as directed by the medical staff.
  • Clergy – Provide emotional and spiritual support to staff, patients, and others seeking help in the Medical Building.

Off-site Communications

  • Photographers – Experienced photographers with large event & people photography background.

On-site Communications

  • Information Ambassadors – Answer questions, give directions, know how to use an iPad, good communication skills, bilingual helpful but not necessary.
  • Radio Station Assistants – Clear speaking voice, will interview camporee attendees, exhibitors, dignitaries, etc.
  • Social Media Assistants – Good communication skills & experience with Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook.
  • Mobile PA System Assistants – Set-up and tear down mobile PA units for events around the Camporee. Previous sound & PA experience required.
  • WIFI Assistants – Help WIFI coordinator establish WIFI connections around the Camporee grounds & troubleshoot problems. WIFI experience required.


  • Dispatchers – Experience with radio communication & need to broadcast after the approval from the supervisor.
  • Gate Watch – Secure gates into the Camporee grounds with your presence.
  • Officers – Need sworn and experienced police, federal, probation, & state police.
  • Phone Bank – Answer telephones from 911 operators and campers calling in. Log all phone calls.
  • Receptionist – Man the front Safety office window to take reports and answer questions.


  • Bleacher Coordinator – Help stage bleachers & make sure area is clean of trash at all times.
  • Charging Coordinator – Work with Services/Facilities team on charging stations & and WIFI buildings.
  • Golf Carts – Help check-out, maintain, & refuel Golf Carts.
  • Green Team – Pick up all trash on Camporee grounds and check facilities.
  • Heavy Equipment – Experience & certification in heavy equipment such as lulls, Bobcats, Forklifts, etc.
  • On-site Stage Coordinator – Help set-up and maintain area around the Talent Stage for cleanliness.
  • Shower Emergency clean-up – Help maintain shower area, inside and out.
  • Sign Coordinator – Help distribute signs as requested to areas of the Camporee by Downline Directors. Pick up and inventory signs at the end of Camporee.
  • Table/Chair Coordinator – Distribute tables & chairs to Camporee areas as requested, and pick them up at the end of the Camporee.
  • Tent Coordinator – Help coordinate where specialty tents for on-site.
  • Tool Coordinator – Help track and distribute tools in trailer as needed by crews.
  • Trailer Assistant – Help maintain & secure location of all semi trailers.
  • Trash​ – Help facilities team make sure trash is being picked up by the on-site trash vendor.