Volunteer Opportunities include:


  • General Registration Helpers – Assist people as they register at the Registration Building.

Daytime On-site Activities

  • Daytime Activity Facilitators – Run activities, pick up trash, move tables, and various other duties as assigned.

Daytime Off-site Activities

  • Community Service
  • Gillette College – We are looking for volunteers to be at the entrance to the college and direct people to which classroom their honors will be taught.
  • Rockpile Museum – We are looking for volunteers to be at the entrance controlling the number entering and volunteers walk around and make sure everything is going well.
  • Area 59 – We are looking for volunteers to be at the entrance to help divide the Pathfinders into the different classes/activities.
  • Kickball – We are seeking someone to organize free play / kickball times and hours.
  • Swim Meet leader – We are seeking an individual who can organize, coordinate, and manage a Swim Meet.

General Volunteers

  • General Volunteer – Help in various areas where needed.


  • Medical Personnel
  1. Physicians
    • Pediatricians
    • Emergency Medicine
    • Family Medicine
    • Dentists
  2. Nurse Practitioners
  3. Physician Assistants
  4. Nurses (RN/LPN)
  5. EMT
  6. Paramedics
  7. Certified Nursing Assistants
  8. Support staff
  • Transportation – Unlicensed medical personnel to transport via provided golf cart, patients back to their camp site as directed by the medical staff.
  • Clergy – Provide emotional and spiritual support to staff, patients, and others seeking help in the Medical Building.

Off-site Communications

  • Photographers – Experienced photographers with large event & people photography background.

On-site Communications

  • Information Ambassadors – Answer questions, give directions, know how to use an iPad, good communication skills, bilingual helpful but not necessary.
  • Radio Station Assistants – Clear speaking voice, will interview camporee attendees, exhibitors, dignitaries, etc.
  • Social Media Assistants – Good communication skills & experience with Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook.
  • Mobile PA System Assistants – Set-up and tear down mobile PA units for events around the Camporee. Previous sound & PA experience required.
  • WIFI Assistants – Help WIFI coordinator establish WIFI connections around the Camporee grounds & troubleshoot problems. WIFI experience required.


  • Dispatchers – Experience with radio communication & need to broadcast after the approval from the supervisor.
  • Gate Watch – Secure gates into the Camporee grounds with your presence.
  • Officers – Need sworn and experienced police, federal, probation, & state police.
  • Phone Bank – Answer telephones from 911 operators and campers calling in. Log all phone calls.
  • Receptionist – Man the front Safety office window to take reports and answer questions.


  • Bleacher Coordinator – Help stage bleachers & make sure area is clean of trash at all times.
  • Charging Coordinator – Work with Services/Facilities team on charging stations & and WIFI buildings.
  • Golf Carts – Help check-out, maintain, & refuel Golf Carts.
  • Green Team – Pick up all trash on Camporee grounds and check facilities.
  • Heavy Equipment – Experience & certification in heavy equipment such as lulls, Bobcats, Forklifts, etc.
  • On-site Stage Coordinator – Help set-up and maintain area around the Talent Stage for cleanliness.
  • Shower Emergency clean-up – Help maintain shower area, inside and out.
  • Sign Coordinator – Help distribute signs as requested to areas of the Camporee by Downline Directors. Pick up and inventory signs at the end of Camporee.
  • Table/Chair Coordinator – Distribute tables & chairs to Camporee areas as requested, and pick them up at the end of the Camporee.
  • Tent Coordinator – Help coordinate where specialty tents for on-site,
  • Tool Coordinator – Help track and distribute tools in trailer as needed by crews.
  • Trailer Assistant – Help maintain & secure location of all semi trailers.
  • Trash​ – Help facilities team make sure trash is being picked up by the on-site trash vendor.