Main Stage evening programs will have translators available who will be translating the program into several different languages.  In order to hear the translation, tune into one of the following F.M. radio stations: TBA

Radios from Adventist World Radio come with brand new batteries, and they are also solar-powered.  Some radios come with headsets, but most do not, so please bring your own headset.  These radios will be handed out from 1:00pm to 6:00pm at the International Village on a first come first served basis.  (Preference will be given to international guests).  We ask that the leaders of each international group to please come and pick up radios for their groups.

Each person needing translation is encouraged to bring their own portable F.M. radio, just in case AWR radios are not sufficient.

Translators Needed:

We need teams of male and female translators to cover several Main Stage programs throughout the Camporee. If you are interested in volunteering as a translator, please contact Freddy Rodriguez, Translator Coordinator.

Translator’s Job Description

  • Be able to cover your own cost to the Camporee and Camporee general admission ticket. This is a volunteer ministry
  • Be fluent in English and a native language.
  • Basic knowledge of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Knowledge of the principles and techniques of effective verbal and written communication in the English language. Ability to verbally translate spoken material.
  • A high school diploma or its equivalent and (1) one year experience in translation and interpretation of English and the required second language.
  • Provide three references
  • Translate messages simultaneously or consecutively into specified languages orally, maintaining message content, context, and style as much as possible for a duration of two hours.
  • Be able to have a headset and microphones on without any difficulties.
  • Be able to arrive at translation tent ½ hour before evening program each night.
  • Have childcare for your children; you will not be able to keep your children with you in the translation tent.
  • Be able to read and have no hearing impairments. We will have a nightly script available for you to follow along.
  • Be able to translate Bible terminology.

If you are able to help at least one program please contact: Freddy Rodriguez

Need help? Contact Freddy Rodriguez, Translation Coordinator.